Gender Reveal Balloons Buying Guide [2024 Edition]

Gender Reveal Balloons Buying Guide [2024 Edition]

Hiya 👋🏼 soon-to-be new mommas!

Natalie here, your friendly neighborhood mother of three and self-proclaimed gender reveal party planner expert (think ninja skills but with confetti). Today we're diving belly first into the wonderful world of gender reveal balloons!

I'm here to share my hard-earned wisdom on balloons so your gender reveal party doesn’t end up on some cringe-worthy gender reveal fail compilation on YouTube.


So, grab your party hats, your non-alcoholic bubbly, and get ready for some balloon-poppin', confetti-flyin', gender-revealin' fun! 

Let’s make memories that won't end up haunting us on the internet for years to come, shall we?

How Does a Gender Reveal Balloon Work?

So, how does this whole gender reveal balloon thing work? 

Typically, gender reveal balloons are filled with either pink or blue confetti, representing the traditional colors associated with baby girls and boys. 

gender reveal balloons

The exterior of the balloon hides the confetti, keeping the surprise intact until the big “reveal” moment. When the time comes to reveal the baby's gender, the balloon is popped with a sharp object (typically a long pin) allowing the confetti, powder, or other filling to explode in a dazzling display of color. 

This dramatic reveal adds an element of suspense and excitement to the party, creating an amazing memory that both the parents-to-be and party guests won’t soon forget. 

Note: In today’s culture, you can fill your own balloons with whatever color confetti or powder filling you please. However, blue/pink are the colors you will find in most pre-made gender reveal balloons for purchase in store and online. 

Where to Get Gender Reveal Balloons? 

Most bloggers want to save the good stuff for the end … but I’m not that type of gal. If you came to find out where you can buy gender reveal balloons at stores or online, I’m going to hook you up right here, right now:

Physical Stores

If you want to go to a physical store in your city or town to get your gender reveal balloons, I recommend the below stores to find what you need. 

gender reveal balloons

The good news is that stores like Party City and Michaels will be able to fill your balloons with helium if you require it.

The bad news is that the physical stores may only offer a limited selection of products to choose from unlike the variety you can find online. 

  • Hobby Lobby doesn’t have the largest or best selection, but if are in a pinch they will have a few options for your party. 

Online Stores

If you, like most of us lazy lumps, just prefer to buy your gender reveal balloons online, here are your options below.

Most of the physical stores listed above have websites to order your balloons online - although styles and selections may vary from online to in-store. 

You’ll want to note that if you buy a floating-style balloon online, you’ll either need your own helium tank or tank it to a store like Party City or Michael’s to get your balloons filled. 

  • Oriental Trading Company sells the Gender Reveal Balloon Pop Game which I absolutely love. Read a bit further down below for more details!
    gender reveal balloon game
  • Amazon is king, and like everything else in the world they carry a huge selection of gender reveal balloons for you to choose from. Just be careful and read the reviews, some of the products can be cheaply made which can lead to a ruined surprise on your big day. 
  • Chameleon Colors has a really cool gender reveal balloon kit that is unique and fun. The kit comes with two 70G color powder bags (blue and pink) and three jumbo 36” balloons to fill. The powder itself is non-toxic, gluten-free, and environmentally safe and safe for children and pets. Helium required. 

My Picks For the Top Three Gender Reveal Balloons

If you want my recommendation on my top 3 gender reveal balloons, I’m here to give it to you.  This can save you the time and hassle of going through dozens of different balloons and reading hundreds of reviews that will be sure to drive you mad. 

Top Choice: No Mess Gender Reveal Balloon

I kinda already ruined the surprise above, but I absolutely LOVE this no mess gender reveal balloon found on Etsy. Just “pop” the balloon, and the blue or pink powder will fill your balloon instantly telling you and your guests the gender of your baby! 

The powder stays inside the exterior clear balloon, making for easy clean-up. Each balloon will include an interior balloon color of your choice, pink or blue powder, ribbon color of your choice, vinyl decal, and a cute baby's breath needle to pop your balloon with.

They even can create a custom decal just for your event. For all these reasons, this is my top choice for gender reveal balloon. 

Second Choice: Gender Reveal Balloon Pop Game 

I personally love this gender reveal balloon pop game from Oriental Trading. 

A super fun way to do a gender reveal, you can simply inflate the balloons, arrange them on the game board and have the parents take turns popping them until the pink or blue confetti is revealed. 

How much fun is that!

Third Choice: What Will the Baby Be Gender Reveal Kit

If you are looking for something a little extra, this What Will the Baby Be Gender Reveal Kit is one of my favorites. 

gender reveal balloons

This kit comes with everything you need to wow your guests at your baby shower: a gender reveal balloon, 'boy or girl' bunting, 20 additional balloons in blue and pink, and balloon streamers!

The gender reveal balloon comes with pink and blue confetti so you can choose which color and pop it inside the balloon before inflating. 

At a price of $25.50 (at time of publishing) you get a lot for your money and the quality is great.

How Many Balloons Do You Need for Gender Reveal?

If you are just a regular gal like myself, one gender reveal balloon will do just fine. However, don’t be ashamed to channel your inner Kardashian and go for a whole bouquet of balloons if that’s what your heart desires. 

gender reveal balloons

Honestly, there are no strict rules when it comes to the number of balloons – feel free to get creative and tailor the quantity to suit your style. 

Remember, it’s your baby and your party. Y-O-U make the rules! 

Do You Fill Gender Reveal Balloons with Helium?

To float or not to float … that is the question. 

You will need helium to make your balloons float … but, most normal humans don’t have a tank of helium conveniently laying around their house (good on you if you do!)

helium tank gender reveal

This will require a trip to the store to get your gender reveal balloons filled if you purchased them from another website. Nation-wide stores like Party City and Dollar Tree typically offer helium balloon filling services if you want to go this route. 

If you do want to fill your balloons with helium at home, you can buy a balloon-filling helium tank from Michaels or Party City

No helium … no problem. Air-filled balloons can be just as fun when creatively used in a surprise balloon drop that doesn’t require the balloons to float. 

Just save up enough oxygen between now and the party to blow them all up! 

Wrapping Up

Okay, I’ve said too much. 

The truth is that beyond the balloons and confetti showers, your gender reveal party is about creating memories that'll stay in your heart for years to come. It’s the beginning of the journey of a lifetime - and what will be your most important job … being a mom. 

So, here's to a gender reveal celebration filled with laughter, hugs, and that perfect POP! (just make sure you don’t up on the fail reel!)

Get ready for the ride of your life, mama—you've got this!


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Natalie is a mom of three precious little ones who occupy most of her days (and nights!) During her precious free time she loves to plan parties for friends and family. Maybe one day she'll even plan one for herself! 


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